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Will Cambodia Follow Global Trends

Will Cambodia Follow Global Trends in Mobile Marketing and Media?

What: Mobile Monday #7 | Will Cambodia Follow Global Trends in Mobile Marketing and Media?

When: 5:30pm - 7:00pm Monday 2, February 2015

Where: Development Innovations

Mobile marketing and media play a key role in engaging with mobile customers. Unfortunately many organizations today are still engaged in old school tactics, using social media as a one way communication system.

Join us to learn about how you can be more engaged in using digital media & learn some tips & tricks for better marketing campaigns.

Mobile Monday (MoMo) is a global network of monthly events where people who work and are interested in the mobile sector meet to network and discuss topics of interest.

MoMo is a tool to help the worldwide industry achieve benefits for everyone by spreading knowledge and encouraging people with good ideas to take action. As “mobile folks,” we invite you to examine how this industry can contribute to making our neighborhoods, our cities and our societies better.

MoMo is informal, interactive and fun, so join us to make MoMo in Cambodia a success!


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